Friday, December 24, 2010

Stink Bug Control Is Needed Across America

The stink bug is reproducing very rapidly and spreading to each and every state at an unbelievable speed. Unfortunately pest control experts have still not been able to find a surefire way of eradicating this menace or even found any effective way of controlling their breeding. Although it has been discovered that most agricultural pesticides can be used to kill the baby bugs but how to get rid of stink bugs in the adult stage has been more difficult because it is resistance to these chemicals and being very strong fliers, they are able to fly from state to state spreading their genre far and wide. Even the pesticides that are used on the adult stink bugs are found to be not effective on a second generation due to there being no residual properties left, and any area treated once has to be treated over and over again to stop fresh invasions.

It has also been found that on the whole the bug is very resistant to any kind of chemical which makes it even more difficult to enforce stink bug control to the masses that are being reproduced rapidly.

They also seem to have the potential to develop further resistance to pesticides when kept on being used over and over again. 2010, it is believed has been a very good for the obnoxious stink bug because even though they usually have the capacity to produce only a single generation a year, this year has found them increasing their production rate up to three generations in some areas which has led to a mass explosion of stink bugs in one year and the year not even at an end as such.

This no doubt is one of the reasons why homeowners in the northeast are complaining of wholesale invasion of stink bugs climbing the outer walls of their homes in thousands and somehow or other finding their way into the homes as well.

As bad as it sounds for those homeowners, it is said to be even worse for farmers who have found to their dismay whole hoards of stink bugs feeding on their crops of blackberry, raspberry, apple, pear, tomatoes, soya bean and cotton and become such a nuisance as well as a serious threat to agriculture and farmlands. Apparently they leave no tree or plant unharmed and most farmers have had to face immense losses due to the damage caused to fruits and crops by stink bugs by causing them to be discolored and unhealthy looking resulting in farmers finding it impossible to sell them to retail outlets.

There is now even more cause for alarm after it was recently found that the stink bug had made its way into California which could create a frightening impact on the state's agriculture industry. One dare not think what the warm climate of California could mean to the stink bug which is always looking for heat and light. If they are allowed to spread their wings and prosper in the sunshine state, which has only very mild winters, these nasty creatures could cause damage running up to millions of dollars, not to mention the shortage of food supplies that could result in such a situation. This makes it a serious enough situations for the government to intervene immediately as otherwise the country could be facing very serious consequences due to the population explosion of stink bugs before long.

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