Sunday, October 31, 2010

Extension of the life cycle and the use of your children bicycles

Parents can now extend the life cycle and the use of their children bicycles by following the steps described in this article. Parents understand the need to obtain the best possible value for a given product, even if it comes to something as simple as a child bike. It is through these purchases that we can get the best investment of our money. Follow these three simple steps to make sure that bicycles your child are used to their full potential.

Find manufacturers provide functionality extension

Certain children bicycle manufacturers really provide attachments may extend the period of time, you can use a bike in particular .the ' most common example is for bikes for children who are small children. You can buy a

paddle n additional seat that can increase the length by up to three pouces.Cela can easily extend lifetime of your children to bicycle by three to six months, using the rate of growth of your child. Step of bicycle manufacturers it, so be sure to do research before buying a child bike.

Keep children bikes in a safe place

One of the easiest to truly injure or reduce the amount of time, you can use a special bike ways is leaving outside.Rain, wind and dust can reduce the amount of time that you can actually use bike a child.If you do not want to keep in your home, make sure that your kids store it in the garage before to withdraw from the journée.En keeping your bike in a safe place, you can keep the bicycle in good condition.

Talk to the manufacturer

If you're still uncertain on how you can improve the length and use of bicycles for your child and then talk to fabricant.Chaque manufacturer will be able to say exactly what you need to do to keep your bike in the best shape possible.Ne not underestimate the value that the manufacturer can provide.

By extending the value and use of bicycles for your child, you can get much more value for money .Souvent parents with many children spend in their bicycles so make sure that you keep the bike position adjustment so that when your children are old enough that they can also benefit a bicycle children.


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Victims of homicide identified Birmingham

Published: Friday, October 29, 2010, 11 H 48 updated: Friday, October 29, 2010, 11: 49

A man from Birmingham 22 year fatally shot Friday afternoon in the neighbourhood of five Points West has been identified.

Birmingham police Captain Henry said Irby Derek Dobine was ousted by a man driving a Hummer H3 black 4800 Avenue block just before 2 pm.

A shot was fired in the 4600 Avenue block and suspect - a 25-year - old man are fled.

Dobine was taken at the UAB, hospital where he died a few hours later.

No charges had been filed in late Friday night.

Killers in the region of Birmingham, 2010 in a larger map view

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Continue to initiate Alabama Governor candidate Robert Bentley outside rejected ballots

Published: Saturday, October 30, 2010, 6 H 15 update: Saturday, 30 October 2010; 8 H 29

Legal action aims at projecting Republican Robert Bentley offshore general election vote next week was itself threw Friday by a judge in Jefferson County.

Circuit judge Nicole "Nikki" still ruled that right Alabama does not jurisdiction to remove Bentley the ballot or the competence to stop the election of the next Tuesday for Bentley replacement is found.

The trial was seized by the former member of the municipal Council of Birmingham Dr. Jimmy Blake.

Blake had argued that Bentley had violated knowingly Fair campaign Practices Act State failing to disclose financial reports filed July 8 that Alabama Education Association contributed approximately $ 22,000 for his campaign picking up the cost of a series of messages telephone placed automatiques.Bentley messages to a potential voters of days before demi-millions July 13 GOP election runoff between himself and Bradley Byrne.

Counsel Blake, William Mathis, said always of a hearing Friday that the aim of the Fair campaign practices Act is to allow voters to know before they vote that contributed to the candidates on the ballot vote.Il failed to disclose to the AEA denied voters right Bentley said.Mathis always said that the decision that it would make would decide if the Act had a real effect or force.

Counsel representing Bentley and State essentially always said the same thing, namely that it had jurisdiction to make the election pending or delete of Bentley's turn.

"The Court has no jurisdiction to hear this matter," former Supreme Court Alabama Jean Brown says toujours.Brown Alabama Secretary of State Beth Chapman was represented at the hearing on Friday.

A lawyer for Governor Bob Riley, Matt Lembke, combination of Blake said "attempt to disrupt the electoral process .c ' is that it is".

Montgomery advocate Al Agricola, which represented Bentley hearing, always said that calls Bentley is come after 8 July date for applicants to disclose contributions for the previous deposit and Bentley period broke no laws.

At point Friday, Agricola called part of the pursuit of a "witch hunt" by forces to stop election of Bentley.

What appears to be an important moment in the hearing has when there are always asked to quote it, what right gave jurisdiction to grant the temporary injunction stopping the election and withdraw the ballot Bentley Mathis.

Mathis replied that he had not found any law giving the Court the authority.

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Birmingham buzzing with Magic City classic, weekend race Talladega, Alabama (with video)

Published: Saturday, October 30, 2010, 5 H 50

Earlier this week, Philip Howard Picayune, Miss, packed up his house - garage and two dogs included - and led for six hours in advance of Sunday at Talladega Superspeedway race.

Attelé Howard his fifth wheel of his pick-up truck, trailer moved to pets and joined thousands of other race fans and calibration, make hiking patterned soaked rainfall around the historic superspeedway.

Further to the West - approximately 47 miles on Highway 20 - another group of tailgating gathered for a case annual fall.

Everett-Farley-Williams of Birmingham family moved alongside their camping in folding chairs outside the domain of the Legion in advance of State Farm Magic City classic today '-the 69th annual clash between Alabama A & M and State of Alabama universités.Certains family spend the night on grounds outside the grand stage.

Two major sporting events, festive two equals a huge celebration for thousands of visitors and residents who forward annually for Talladega races and conventional city magic.

Both sites feature enough food and beverage to last until roll around this time next year's events.

"Thrown back."

"This is something I've ever seen," said Roderick Everett, outside of Legion field with her three sisters and a brother."All those gathered and having a good moment.Il has no crime.Tout worldwide is get along."



Everett, born and raised in Birmingham and lives in Newport News, va, said that there is such a huge part however remember the classic being when he was child. today, it has become an annual gathering for the family on a par with the great holiday.

Kitchen Friday included gumbo, fish, chicken, rib-"everything you want, we have it," Everett said. " It y nothing Birmingham home.?

Talladega, Howard said he went in parts of tailgate in Alabama as if he was willing to stay.

"This is our home", Howard said Friday, pointing to his huge, white, camper as noise from the car engines echoed in the fresh air in October.

"We have when we just ici.Nous have shower, kitchen, bedrooms, garage, it is a toy carrier so that he received a garage in the back."

Terri Murphy, who made the trip with Howard, said: "there is nothing like rubber and fuel air .we enjoy the camaraderie.Nous friends and we did camp with them each année.Nous are always a hot wing FRY and friends make a fish fry."

Howard and Murphy also have dog cabin easy and new dog Jack, who were at their door two months ago was immediately adopted.

Stanley Graves of Wiggins, Miss, said he welcomed will view the atmosphere "spans back" at Talladega.Certes, there is much tension in the competition on the track, but for those who have just to look at, it's a different story.

"You can sit here drinking a beer when the Act is conduct by" and not be bothered, said that the Sun in the morning to burn the cold night air, bass said he provided graves.alors "out and shake around, in addition to two or three cases of beer and lay back."

Return to the scope of the Legion, Terry Williams of Birmingham, offered a visitor a drink.

"This is a very relaxing atmosphere," he said, reclining while parents more meat on the grill. "As a large meeting of famille.Tout world having a good time, all over the world enjoying themselves, see old amis.Vous see the people you've not seen in years.?

The intensity of a & M-State rivalry, Williams said, is not a good time.

"Your opponent is your rival, but everyone is still friends at the end of the day," he said.

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Fans and teams to prepare for the magical city classic

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Free vs Watch Central Florida Knights East Carolina Pirates College Football Game Online

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Examination of growth light LED UFO

Try buying Hydroponic growing lights LED is difficult for producers to hobby because you will find quite a few currently on the growing market of light. That being said, indoor gardeners should know the reasons why people both use LED enlarge Lights for indoor gardening needs.

? I decided to revisit the 90 watts UFO growth light.I bought the light online and set up home on a sattelite, tripod that connects on the stand with 3 sons, nuts and boulon.Il did not take too much time for installation and instructions included with the light of the growth and settlement.?

? Once activated, you know that it is running by the fan noise.The fan is not super strong, but it is also not silent, so you can hear that it is running .a thing that I noticed right how targeted the bat is the light source.? It emits a purple glow / rose bright and you feel the heat

? coming to light.? I did my test by starting with some partially grown growth seedlings as well as with certain plants.?

LED lighting is very conventient for indoor cultivation.I did my tested during the winter, when grown outside my area would never possible.Comment lights done as I think that you get what you pay.UFO light is a light growth has led many market, so I was not will perform at the same level as other methods of lighting as lighting hps or MHC.But my plants has been growing, and they produce, thus ultimately, I was happy with the light résultats.La UFO was also very easy on my invoice of electricity, which is another positive in my book.

LED lights are the future of gardening intérieur.à my opinion, the UFO LED light is an adequate purchase if you are looking to buy a cheap light growth has led. future, prices come increasingly with the improvement of the quality.



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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Students from the University of Alabama congregate in spooky parameters

Published: Saturday, October 30, 2010, 6 H 45
Homework for the class of Professor Ian Brown at the University of Alabama could simply give some students the miracle.

Brown teaches a class on tombstones and cemeteries, leader of the students studying outside the cemeteries of Tuscaloosa County to forage for their research projects. This looks like a gimmick to Halloween, but Brown, an archaeologist said examines the ways people bury their dead can reveal much about the culture and how it changes.

"There is much of the information contained in stone", he said. ""It's artifacts and they are full of information".

A recent sunny afternoon class Brown has been studied in a crowded cemetery cemetery beside the main road in the town of student Cottondale.Les examined a range of markers, concrete with glass from of a rustic stained in a conspiracy with the bodies of seven babies rather than formal stones delicate fraternal images and symbols carved.

"What do you think that you are seeing here?Brown asked that perplexed students on the genesis of the cemetery in the garden of the 1834 Ruhama Baptist Church.Finally a ventured a devinée: is a Métis, rare in Alabama cemetery with graves of blacks and whites.

Brown has confirmed the hypothesis, but notes that easily recognizable in their full long markers of concrete - black - tombs seemed old and were at one end of the cemetery, whereas white serious, some of them trimmed with photographs and military honours were to another.

Brown, who is also President of the International Association studies of the Tomb, teaches the class on all two ans.Il also leads his own long term study, called "the marking serious project," which is followed by all 250 estimated in Tuscaloosa County cemeteries.

Each of its students, graduate and undergraduate students choose a research topic to work on the length of the cours.Les topics covered are the appearance of the lambs on the headstones - they have often on the graves of babies - where are located the members of the family in relation to each other.

Crystal Broussard, a graduate student in social work, working on a project on how the epitaphs reflect different representations of the mort.Comme employee hospice studied ways of handling of death and dying, she said that the class of gravestone studies gave him a new perspective.

Grief of family members, she said: "" have a vacuum in their lives, but at least they can fill a space with beautiful reflections of the person, they are missing. ""

Said Brown is one of the points is trying to convey.

"Cemeteries are for the living," he said. "This is what I always tell my students - cemeteries are not the dead .c ' is what people are doing with the cemetery that is interesting.

But that doesn't stop some students to tremble when they learn the class.

"My sorority sisters are out fear," said Rebecca Smith, a second. "Once you explain they are like "I guess it's kind of cool - but it is monstrous".?

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Buy now from Capsiplex

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Supply management: analysis of the costs of suppliers to make economic enterprises

Procurement specialist must analyze the price of a particular product or products to ensure that they pay on its value. This can be supported by comparing prices with a few established benchmark analysis of prices is essential because it gives you an indication that a particular product price is enough and can be successfully used in the production process.

This is a primary duty of a manager of purchases that they must analyze costs of the supplier to make it more cost-effective for businesses. To perform their duties properly, they should ask at least 5-7 potential suppliers for their total price, including equipment, labour, capital equipment and overhead costs.This comparison will help collect important data on the difference in prices ranging over the top to the lowest variable quality for each category of produits.Toutes data above helps make final purchasing decisions procurement specialists prove profitable or less profitable to lead avenue

commercial operations.

Many candidates are appearing for jobs in the area of supply.Each candidate must prove their capabilities in front of an interviewer to be able to get the job offer.If you have experience in the supply sector, you should be able to demonstrate the tactics and the factors to consider when making purchasing decisions.

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Metro Birmingham forecast: Frost and the threat of wildfires

Published: Friday, October 29, 2010, 6 H 15 update: Friday, October 29, 2010, 6: 16
It was 46 degrees at Birmingham central Alabama on a cold Friday before a potentially frosted Saturday morning, according to the National Weather Service.

Forecast calls for a day sunny with a high near 65 and winds at 5 to 10 mi h.Les winds and dry air will create conditions conducive to wildfires, leading to a red warning flag for the region.

Tonight, under a clear sky, temperatures will fall to 38 degrees in Birmingham and several regions can see even lower temperatures resulting in Frost Advisory for Saturday morning.

However, temperatures rebound Saturday to a high of 72 degrees with clear skies and evening vents.Samedi should be warmer with low near 45.Dimanche should meet a Summit in the middle of the 1970s under sunny skies.

See Weather Centre for your full prediction.

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Friday, October 29, 2010

Good Samaritan who died trying to help the sur-65 trucker remembered as "of real assistance" lifetime

Published: Friday, October 29, 2010, 5 H.

Monica not at all surprised Mitchell Wednesday evening she watched her husband on a median Interstate safe to try to help a driver of truck in distress.

After all, this is the way which 42 years Brent Mitchell lived his life.

"It still was just a real assistance," said his wife, Monica Mitchell. "If something was wrong, he wanted to solve the problem.

But, while they sit in their cars and watch while it rushing through six lanes of Interstate 65, she and their daughter, age 11, Chloe, never dream it would be the last time that he would go to the rescue of someone else.

"Donning a share of the guardrail and both legs," she says."I thought it would have affected land and cross."

Instead of this, say members of the police and the family administrator of systems integrated Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama dégringolé 60 to 80 feet until his death.

"The police told me," said his wife, "that it is a special place for people like him."

The Mitchell and their daughter Chloe, a sixth - grader at Berry Middle School, had spent the evening together as a family. They were going to pick up costumes Halloween de Chloé and then d?né winged suite.Chloe chattered film that she and her grandmother had seen the end of the previous week.

"We had a great dinner," said Monica Mitchell. "It was a great evening.?

Returning Riverchase family is mired in the circulation.Comme they dug forward, they saw a truck set fire on the north side of him interstate Cahaba River Bridge.

Mitchell, towards South, fired.They saw a man standing near the fire truck, but could say that it was not the camionneur.Personne else was on the scene.

"Brent yelled out the window ' is the driver OK?At said Monica Mitchell. "The guy shrugged his type of as he knew. ?

Mitchell is out of the car and has décollé.Après a short while his wife and daughter began to perceive something amiss.

"I realized that I could see him more, but I not getting account just not he never left the other side,"said his wife.""Chloe started to get upset. ?

"I'd said type that it has disappeared," said Chloe.

Police and firefighters arrive bient?t.Monica Mitchell saw the man who was first on the scene speak to the authorities, and then he was reviewed and stressed car Mitchell.

"At this time, I am out of the car," she says.

They later learned the trucker, Ohio, had already walked away safe.

It due to searchers and shined a light on the ground below .more lights came into search Mitchell as authorities closed of interstate it.

His wife and daughter have been taken to a hotel near to wait for the official word.

"I guess I knew that when they told me what was the drop," said Monica Mitchell. "But still you may think, maybe he just broke his leg or something.?

Mitchell Madison, was a carpenter who joined the business world to allow his wife to 13 years old to stay at home with Chloe.

"He just took care of us," said his wife.

He took a job with the Basel Committee, 10 years and was responsible for the configuration of workstation and comprehensive technical support company.

"He was a loyal and dedicated team of the Croix-blue that touched the lives of many of our associates member", the company said in a statement issued Thursday. "We will all miss him as a colleague and a friend who was always ready to help.?

Friends and family describes her funny and jovial, someone who would give the shirt on his back.

A few days before his death, Chloe grandmother told him how his father had helped people during a storm. ""He helped people over three days," said Chloe.

It is reminiscent of another time, when his father bought someone a soda in a convenience store, because the boy had not enough changement.Il has countless other stories.

"I thought it was really good," said Chloe, but sometimes it would take some time and I would be, "Daddy, come."?

His wife said he will miss her us.

"Since the time we met, I called him my hero," she says. "He was always there for me.?

To join the conversation by comment below or send Robinson to

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These weddings are classic Trues Magic City Classic weekend

Published: Friday, October 29, 2010, 5: 30 P.m.

Chantaye and Nedric Jones, Huntsville are in a mixed marriage.

She follows courses from undergraduate to Alabama and M University and received his diploma of là.Il received his undergraduate degree from the Alabama State University.

This tidbit might seem like much to some, but every year the last weekend of October, this is huge for them.

It is the weekend Magic City classic in Birmingham, a confrontation between the two largest historically black universities State against another Legion field.

This is a battle of football.This is a bande.Et battle is a battle to boast of Alabama A & M Bulldogs Alabama State Hornets - at home and on the streets.

The few are part of a unique group of Magic City classic fans who have found love and marriage in one of the greatest rivalries in Alabama school.(Click here to read couples to their subject matter and others like them.)

"I had not heard speak much," Prosecutor of Birmingham and graduate M Emory Anthony said "mixed" marriages. ""I think it's great love conquers all".

"It is good to know that a Bulldog can pull a Hornet everywhere wherever we go," he said referring to the mascots A & M and USA.

For the first half of the game, little will be served A and m c?té.Et for the second half, they will be sitting on the side of the USS.

They do that supports two schools, but also keep the peace.

He wants to see his friends and I want to see mine.In this way we can take advantage of both sides of the it, "said Chantaye Jones."

When they attend the 69th annual Magic City classic on Saturday, they do so each

wear the colours of their school.But their two children, aged 8 years and 6 year-old Alyssa, Noah will wear A color and M.


Chantaye Jones always shopping for clothes.

"My son is on cl?ture.Ma girl is like Chantaye, so I will not examine it again", said Nedric Jones."I did it beat."

And graduate Bethany Daniel Redeaux (M), who is married to graduate USS Anthony Redeaux, said she knows several pairs in the same situation.

Like them, his friends were in the band and they clicked with their rival school partner.When former who meet, it is as ancient times.

"We are going to roam in the games, but usually the population of the State will be leave part and A & million people departing on the side," said Bethany Redeaux of Roebuck.

Schools bands are also A special M Graduate Tamisha Williams and

husband and ASU graduate Carlos Williams of Homewood.Il played trombone for Hornets from USS walk and she was a Maroonette one year for A & M on Marching Maroon and White.Ils met at a party, while she was an older person.

Today, they are married and father of two children and they love to hear the two bands to challenge each other after the game in what is called "the fifth quarter."

Tamisha Williams said that the being married to someone of ASU she does dérange.En is, it makes more interesting classical Magic City.

"We will always talk about who has the best band," she says.

Bennie and Barbara Bonner of Brownsville community Birmingham were fun with their marriage "mixed" for 52 years.

Bennie Bonner, 81, is a graduate M and Barbara Bonner, 79, is a graduate of the USS.

They were the Effie j. McCaw primary school teachers in the city of Pratt when they met in 1955.Leur marriage in 1958.

Their links with the US and and rubbed off the coast on three of their six fils.Deux M visited A and M, the other went to the USA.

They were 11 grandchildren, which is an elder in Birmingham and is considering attending A & M or USA.

The Booners still have time to recruit more school.two grandchildren of their grandsons live with them and his bed consists of a-color M and the other bed consists in the colours of the USS .lorsque boys to join their grandparents to the classic this year, they wear the same sweatshirts Barbara had done for them last year.

The front side says, "USS grandmother" and back said, "A & Papi M."

"We had a beautiful life together and we enjoy each other and each school, said Barbara."We support each school.?

Go here for more information on the way to the parade Saturday, shuttle locations, tailgating and more connected to this classic Magic City year in Birmingham


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DUI lawyers - your hope only in legal battles

The server was unable to process the request due to an internal error. For more information about the error, either turn on IncludeExceptionDetailInFaults (either from ServiceBehaviorAttribute or from the configuration behavior) on the server in order to send the exception information back to the client, or turn on tracing as per the Microsoft .NET Framework 3.0 SDK documentation and inspect the server trace logs.

Comme le pourcentage de cas de conduite ivres va en hausse aux états-Unis, citoyens tentent de demander l'aide de réputés avocats DUI (conduite sous influence) pour la protection de leur permis de conduire et sociale. Certains états comme la Californie et au Texas, généralement enregistrer un pourcentage élevé d'ivres cas de conduite chaque année, tandis que du Vermont et du Montana résidents sont plus sobres, les Etats ont moins arrestations de conduite avec facultés affaiblies. Selon les récentes statistiques publiés par le Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), la Californie a le plus grand nombre d'arrestations DUI en 2008 avec 214,828 suivie par Texas à 90,006 ; d'autre part il y a seulement des arrestations de 2,647 et 4,240 pour Vermont et du Montana.

Quelques nouvelles DUI

Récemment, un père de San José avec 4 arrestations de conduite avec facultés affaiblies précédentes a permis de démanteler pour conduite en état d'ébriété avec sa fille.D'autre part, alors que les autorités policières ont convenu qu'inclinée village n'a jamais été un refuge pour les toxicomanes, la communauté est plus surprise de voir un nombre démesuré

DUI arrestations en 2010.

Arrestations de conduite avec facultés affaiblies accrues ont augmenté automatiquement la demande des avocats de la DUI. Santa Clarita (CA) est l'une de ces villes en Californie où un certain nombre de bons avocats DUI peut trouver facilement - c'est par rapport aux grandes arrestations numéros de conduite avec facultés affaiblies dans l'état.

Conduite sous influence - en bref

? Conduite sous influence ? désigne les conducteurs qui se rendent dans les rues après la consommation d'alcool et d'avoir un contenu alcoolémie supérieur à la limite permise légalement.DUI se réfère également aux véhicules automobiles sous l'influence de drogues interdits ou un mélange d'alcool et de drogues.DUI est une infraction grave et peut vous envoyer derrière les barres ou vous pénaliser avec lourdes amendes ou de services communautaires (en grande partie selon la nature de l'infraction).Quelle que soit l'état dans lequel vous vivez, si vous sont arrêtés pour des infractions DUI - vous devrez consulter DUI avocats.Santa Clarita (CA), West Hollywood (CA) et Moorpark (CA) sont certaines villes de Californie où les gens sont encombrement les bureaux d'avocats DUI d'assistance dans la défense juridique.Comme les lois américaines sur le trafic ne cherchent pas priées sur les personnes capturées avec de hauts niveaux de l'alcool de sang, les avocats de la DUI sont (probablement) les seuls facteurs qui peuvent vous apporter des embêtant juridique.

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Republican Robert Bentley exceeds Democrat Ron Sparks of the Governor of Alabama race campaign contributions

Published: Friday, October 29, 2010, 6: 30 P.m.

Also contribute: Kim Chandler - Birmingham News

Robert Bentley continues to exceed opponent Ron Sparks in the race for dollars campaign Republican democratic.

Thursday was the date limit for candidates in the general election of November 2 at how much money they have collected and spent the last days of campaign 2010.To surprise person, the Bentley has raised more than Sparks.

Disclosure reports show that raised $ 1.2 million Bentley this period, which covers approximately five weeks and spent just over 2.6 million dollars.Bentley overdraw his compte.Il raised more than 3.3 million in the last reporting period.

It is nearly 6 million raised by Bentley, since he won the bid for the GOP Governor on July 13, amounting to three times higher than all the money he had raised or loaned her own campaign leading to flow from mid-July.

Report Bentley shows that it was just more than $right left position in the last five days of the campaign.

Last report Sparks was also quite as expected - lean compared to Bentley.

In the last period, Sparks raised $682,429 and spent almost $772,000.Filed reports mid-September, stated received $783,000 contributions.

Sparks was just over $ 146,000 position in the homestretch of campaign.

For the year, Sparks has raised just over 2.8 million in his quest for the Office of the Governor.Sparks, running on a platform of taxes by the legalization and taxation the games of chance, received money from political action committees who received money from other CAP linked to the set of interests.

Sparks has received nearly $ 300,000 of the CAP, managed by the lobbyist, Alison Kinney and Cap operated by the Alabama Education Association lobbyist Joe Cottle.

The Kinney PAC gave Sparks $165,000.Cap of Kinney received money from the CAP who received funds Poarch of Indian Creek music and other sources.

Cap of Cottle gave Sparks $160,000 .Son Cape received money from the AEA, trial lawyers and other sources.

Sparks other notable contributions include former u.s. Senator Donald Stewart $60,000 and $10,000 of the AEA.

Among the contributors to Bentley are the commercial deep pocket, including banks, savings and loans, construction companies, real estate and development, houses of nursing and medical care industry interests.

Two more great Bentley, one for $114,500 and another $ 100,000, from committees action politique.Le $114,500 contributions came from Community Bankers Association of Alabama Cap while $100,000 contribution came from political action Committee of Alabama Senator Richard Shelby, CCP.défenseAlabama Realtors PAC America gave Bentley $50,000.

Other notable contributions Bentley include $25,000 of Birmingham, businessman Raymond j. Palmer; $25,000 and marketers dishes PAC Alabama; $10,000 from the Republic American Spencer Bachus Birmingham; $35,000 of the American Society of Anesthesiologists $10,000 cap Alabama Hospital Association.

In all, Bentley received 105 contributions of $1,000, four $25 000 and 20 contributions of $10 000 chacun.En everything about 60 CAP has contributed money to Bentley.

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Car lock System - a few changes that can make it convenient and safe

A few years, car keys were as other keys and used for locking and unlocking of the car trunk and also start ignition system. However, as with any other product, there are some common problems, and this has created the need for more innovation. Car theft became common thieves learned the strings of the opening of a car with duplicate keys and ignite the engine with a hot wire. Another problem that many people face was to forget the car inside the car, thus locking keys postulate their.

There have been many new added features modern cars and car transponder keys are now a standard component, which makes it much more convenient to lock and unlock the car and also supports voiture.Tandis ignition keys can lock/unlock car and start ignition, transponder keys are more popular as they are very convenient to use and to come with a framework security problem

y of useful features. With a transponder key, you can lock and unlock the car even remotely, without inserting the key in the car.The transponder sends signals receiver inside the car which receives these signals, recognizes the code opens the chances of car theft porte.Les have also reduced the car cannot start without the key. The key is a microchip integrated on his head in plastic which is detected by the car and without which it does not start.

Apart from these features a car can also be equipped with a car alarm system that can also be set or disable with the key.With the alarm system installed in your car can try to open by the force of your car that pursues the alarm if anyone comes from thus voiture.Par, it becomes impossible to peddle car. It recognizes that your key programmed accordingly. In addition, innovations are introduced and new features are added to the cars every day.

Modern day cars are generally equipped with all or most of these features.However, if you have a car of a former model, you can always get these features installed in your car.Even if you have paved in your car ignition, you can obtain a replacement ignition and all these features installed in your car.You can also get an ignition key that has all these features into one so that you do not carry any charms distinct purposes différentes.Désormais you can get all these features in your car that boast modern cars and that too at an abordable.Elle price may seem like a complicated process, but it is very easy to update your car with technology the most récente.Un automatic locksmith can help worthy of all these systems in your car, making it more comfortable and safe in same temps.Non only your car will be synchronized with the latest features, it is also more secure and you could not locking problem yourself new.

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Jefferson County Commission supports the Alabama Amendment 3 finance roads, transportation projects

Published: Wednesday, October 27, 2010, 7 H 25
The Jefferson County Commission Tuesday voted unanimously to sup-port Amendment 3 which would take as much as 100 million per year for 10 years the Fund trust in Alabama to build roads and other transportation projects throughout the State.

But after the meeting, Commissioner Bobby Hum-phryes said that he meant to vote against the amendment support because he didn't think it was a good idea.

Residents across the State will vote Tuesday on the amend-ment.

The Chairman of Committee Bettye Fine Collins and Sheila Smoot and Jim Carns Commissioners say they have supported amend-ment .the Commissioner George Bowman was not present.

"If you travel the roads in this county and state that you know that the infras-tructure of collapse and must be addressed," said Col-lins. "I hope our people will be support this amendment.?

Smoot, who was discharging for the 2002-2006 County roads Department said it is "ridiculous" no steps to support the amendment.

"We must repair desper-ately," said Smoot. "We need this change, we need this work and we need people to obtain the service.

Wayne Sullivan, Director of roads and transportation for the County, said County that amendment would give unused funds in the county who would not come out of the General Fund $ 2 million.

"There is no other fund-ing that we get to make these projects," says Sullivan."Statewide, this money will be not only replace bridges but build and upgrade roads."

The assets of the Fund total Alabama 2.5 bil-lion $.It collects a large part of the pumping of gas from foreign corporations State paid royalties.

Humphryes, which currently has the responsibility of the Department of roads, said he spent eight years in the Legislative Assembly and was always against taking money from the Trust Fund.

"If we take money from oil and gas money then it reduces interest and it creates problems for the General Fund," said Humphryes.

Humphryes said that it was not paying attention when it adopted the amendment to the Tuesday meeting.

"I was for it before that I was against it, but I never for it," said Humphryes, who developed the resolution at its agenda of the Committee on roads last week. "I think it was a good idea .c ' is something came from the Association of boards of comté.Ils requested County commissions to sup-port which and I was ready to put on the agenda of the day to tell a vote.Je don't like it.?

"I only thought", said Humphryes. "It was an error in my part.Be-ing simply inattentif.Je should have voted against it.?

Serv.Bob Riley and David Bronner, Executive Director of the retirement Systems of Alabama, said last week that they oppose Amendment 3.

In another case Tues-day, the Committee voted that would have allowed to eliminate a ceiling of $50,000 to mental issues for employees and more than likely increased. caused premiums health insurance coverage to deny a federal mandate,

"The current plan won't change," says Demetrius Taylor, Director of the Department of human resources permanent coun-t. "The plan will remain the same as it it has been for 16 years and is the same as those presented at open registration.?

Collins, Carns Hum-phryes voted for the resolu-tion arose under the new company at the beginning of the réunion.Smoot, who said the commission has not received enough automati-ques on this subject, had not voted.

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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Jasper man dies in crash on Alabama 269

Published: Wednesday, October 27, 2010, 7 H 39 updated: Wednesday 27 October 2010, 7: 40

Jasper man died Tuesday night in single-vehicle wreck in the County of Walker.

The accident occurred at 10 a.m. on Alabama 269 approximately four miles south of Jasper, according to the Alabama State riders.

James Rucker, 49, driving alone in a Toyota Celica 2003.Détails accident had not been available.

Rucker was delivered to the scene.

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Birmingham City Council approves financing for the baseball stadium, raises the accommodation fee

Published: Wednesday, October 27, 2010, 7 H 50

The municipal Council of Birmingham Tuesday overwhelmingly approved funding for a downtown baseball stadium moving Mayor William Bell said sets the Foundation for the arena and a new neighborhood, it will be an anchor.

The Council voted 8-1 for an order that triggers a housing of the city of 3.5 percentage points to finance the planned railway Park fee. Roderick Royal Council Chair vote alone against the plan.

Bell is to negotiate with the owners of the Birmingham barons Hoover back to Birmingham. Barons regions Park lease expires in December.

"It gives the city a sense of momentum," Bell says of the project."We have not acted like a large city we are, and it is more than time that we act as a large city." He took the step by step and we now has a very important step, but not the last step. ?

Stan Logan, Associate Director General, barons said Tuesday afternoon that he would set up a follow-up meeting with Bell.

"We've already discussed our interest but wanted to go too far, until funding makes it possible," says Logan. "" ""Now is the time to say, ' is this really work for you, guys? It works for us?"This is a process that we will work on in the coming weeks.?

Increasing taxes, go into effect on January 15, 6.5% of Birmingham accommodation fee and increase tax total accommodation in the town of 17.5%, including State, city and County taxes.

Stage is only built if barons or other suitable tenants agree agreement .the ' facility should take two years to complete, if no agreement is reached on 30 September 2011, the tax increase will be repealed by January 2012, in accordance with the order.

Councillor Steven Hoyt called part of "the new flavor in Birmingham" stage which increases tax the city base to support the services of the city and added amenities. ""Congratulations to the new flavour", he said.

The other members of the Board have expressed similar sentiments.

"I'm looking at Birmingham to become a place of destination rather than to be a location on the map on the way,", said Ms. Lashunda balance.

In voting, Royal said that Bell had not provided sufficient information to apply for the tax increase.Royal said more details on the economic impact and final project costs are incomplètes.Il recently described Bell answers to a list of questions that Royal presented as "gobbledygook."

"We must look at development autour it and if the numbers work," Royal said Tuesday."I'm taste, but I am also the responsibility and accountability."We must vote my conscience, and we did not carefully verify the project, explains my conscience.

A companion baseball Museum highlighting the Negro League Rickwood field players and possibly those of the League of the South is included in the draft stage.

Before the vote, David Silverstein, an entity with the properties of Bayer, spoke in favour of projet.Silverstein, which the company developed at the Summit on 280 u.s. and plans to redevelop downtown Pizitz Building, said that stage adds activity positive.Il downtown has cited the Parc de chemin de Fer et Pizitz project his company examples.

"Park baseball side rail Park not only reinforce this region, but how big an anchor on the side of the UAB" said Silverstein. "I know that these times are difficult, but we are very lucky in the city of Birmingham.?

Royal pointed out later comments Silverstein, saying that while the business community had submitted the draft plans so far involve city foot the entire Bill and take all the risques.Royal said it is misleading to say that only foreigners would pay for project through taxes accommodation, because the total cost of the project, including any incentive is unknown, and total debt remains the responsibility of the city.

A report commissioned by the real estate company, a potential developer stage, shows the installation in a section bounded by 14th Street South and 12th Street South, second avenue South and avenue de Morris.Le site is directly at 14th Street Railway Park.

According to recent estimates, stage would cost $ 39 million to 48 million dollars.Bell stated cost of the land is estimated at 7 million to 10 million dollars.Responsables city, said Monday that the value of the desired Park location is 4 million.

While the city wants to build the Stadium on the site of two blocks of the Park, Bell confirmed that there are other locations, including the former property of Trinity Steel Titusville.

Bell "has the same point of view of downtown, you should in any location over the other side of the highway, and it does not have access under the highway to make this connection between the Park railway and the Trinity site itself," said. ""It is important that we have many properties, because we do not want to identify a location and a place only in terms of property acquisition".

The former Trinity site belongs to the city and Jefferson County economic development authority.

Bell also briefly mentioned master of the city for the district of Parkside, a region which extends South Titusville area redevelopment plan.

Mayor said the city would recruit developers or encourage owners to join a plan that includes multi-purpose residential, retail space and restaurant.Version Parkside city is greater than that described in the private report prepared.

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See the order of tax shelter

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Learn how to make money from Facebook instantly

In addition, each of us in the era of today are familiar with internet. The promotion of the internet has resulted in a number of new approaches to win. And one of them is to make money without using Facebook. Facebook, you are aware of this term? It is a well known social networks which have approximately four hundred million users worldwide. So now the question arises as a way to make money from Facebook? Let's understand this concept in detail.

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Wow green tea weight loss trick

Green tea weight loss is one of the latest methods being wanted by obese individuals. Although there is no substitute for eating right and exercising, natural green tea capsules can help you the results you're after in terms of your goal weight.

The association between green tea and weight loss pills discovered quite recently.And since then have been numerous studies established to well understand the link between green tea and poids.Et loss pills found that green tea can really help you get rid of those extra pounds.

Before you can fully enjoy the benefits of green tea weight loss, you must understand the associated problems with other weight loss AIDS.

While other slimming aid contain chemicals that can add to a list of negative side effects, green tea is natural. In addition, for many other weight loss pills contain stimulants that

can be dangerous for the heart.Green tea extract is not harmful to the heart anyway. In fact, it is good for c?ur.enfin, many other supplements or capsules remove your desire for food so you feel full, even if you've eaten very little.This happy feeling lasts long.That may seem good, but in fact it can turn contre.Si you don't feel the need to eat or snack on the healthy elements), your body does is all nutrients should be and this is not the right way to go about shedding pounds.

Another caution has to exercise.If it is a good idea to keep on a consistent schedule coherent activity, strenuous exercise is something that fear most of the gens.Il takes too much time and too much energy and it can also affect if you jump in too quickly.

It concerns above that made people curious about the alternative of green tea.

Pills green tea contain precious Green tea extract whose main function is to increase the rate of metabolism .c ' is actually causing faster burning up extra fat and you can get results more rapides.Le green tea is also an option much because not only he can help you lose weight, but it also protects your digestive and respiratory systems, works against diabetes and reduce cholesterol levels.

If you take the green tea extract, you can go ahead and eat three balanced meals two every day, ensuring that you receive all the nutrients your body has besoin.En addition, instead of heavy, long and tiring exercise you can do business more light (such as walking) that fit into your calendar and mentality of a little better - this type of exercise combines perfectly with green as the extract tea weight loss is already calorie burning for you.

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How do I find exhibits online

Online exhibits have become the latest trend these days. This is why several types of online exhibitions are regularly held by many types of businesses and organizations online to promote their products and services for sale of life. This mainly involves fine arts, fashion, music, film, renovation, beauty saloons, clothing, cell phone, carpet and DVD industries. The ultimate agenda of these companies is to sell their manufactured products and services in a show global mart. This is why the value of online exhibits has become essential for them on the dot.

Currently several types of exhibitions are organized in line with several giants.So if you are looking for a most beautiful type of exposure online, you will need to make exclusive online exhibits keyword research to obtain at your best sector exposure online without effort remember more searching on the keyword of the greater will be the likelihood of finding a single exposure online exhibits

industry online.Company knows how to find exhibitions in ligne.Si you want to find exhibitions online, then you will need to apply to your nearest online friends, as they would certainly have you say something about online exhibits. In addition, if you want to find unique exhibitions online, you will need to read several types of Edward news, reviews, stories about online exhibits, as it will greatly lend a hand you can find your matchless online exhibits.

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The system Earth 4 energy review

Have you ever heard of the Global Earth 4 Energy Development more that you want to understand more on this? 4 Soil by Michael Harvey energy serves as a handbook that promises to help individuals to make and install their own solar panels mainly reduce her electric bill. This is a smart method to create a certain impact on this week nearby that could save also probably some on the price of this week the air, so many people choose to try the whole Earth system and four energy.

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AR panel by yourself.

Less than $200

You do not want to have to pay thousands of green tickets this week solar grade business.Energy Earth method four will display the way which you shorter your electricity bills by making these D.I.Y devices including the cost still very little as well as $200.Earth energy manual cost four generals and tissues may simply be covered by the savings that you will create the week your electric bill at 2 month intervals.

Solar panels will be good because of the environment in General and your budget.

Four earth energy can help you scale back your electric bill in half or eradicate totalement.Plus in some cases even general utility company pay it keep if you make additional power to your required.carer is also terribly environmentally costly way would be not now produce damage most destructive pollutants from gas.

Outline, with cash-back warranty available energy from the soil, it is at least one of the most comprehensive general systems this week on the General market for sabré in your electric bill.

Read that a full Insiders discuss here Earth4energy review
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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Joe Knight, Roy Wood Jr., shaking hands, hunting votes for Jefferson County Commission District 4

Published: Wednesday, October 27 2010 7 H.

Jefferson County Commission District 4 maybe mostly Republican but say that Joe Knight, the GOP candidate has a Democratic opponent in the general election Tuesday.

"I'm working as I am behind every day," Knight said. "This is how I am." This is how I did it the primary level. I worked as I was in last place. This is what I'm doing now.I have been on this campaign to the routes.Je go to meetings of the Chambre.Je I am going to city councils.?

Knight and Democrat Roy Wood Jr. are voting to represent district 4, which covers Trussville, ceramics, Pinson, Palmerdale, Trafford, Warrior, Morris, Kimberly and Gardendale pieces Point Centre newsletter and a fraction of Birmingham.

Knight, which transforms the 56 today is a former Certified nurse anaesthetists, who served as vice President of Jefferson County Republican Executive Committee.


Roy Wood Jr.

Date of birth, age:

Born on June 14, 1949.61.


Lives in Roe-buck Springs; born at Chi-cago.

Political experience:

Run for the public service.

Professional experience:

Journalist; marketing manager and pub-lic relations.


Southern Illinois University, massive communica-tions.



Joe Knight

Date of birth, age:

October 27, 1954;age 56


Lives in Truss-ville.né à Miami.

Policy ex-perience:

Ran unsuccessfully for circuit judge in 2000 and State Senate in 1998.

Professional experience:

Other counsel.certified nurse anesthetist.


Faculty of law in Birmingham, diploma in law, 1990;University of Alabama at Birmingham, Bachelor s degree de-gree, 1980;Mississippi Gulf Coast Junior College degree to associ-ate, 1975.


Wood, journalist and former marketing and public relations manager, said he worked as hard.

"I'm knock on doors, shaking hands and talking to people, allowing them to meet me, see me talking about me," said wood. "I am discovering their préoccupations.Une times that we are talking face to face a number of them are located in spite of the label party that we do not only differ in terms of what we are looking for.

"I'm a Democrat, but I'm conservative in some mesure.Je believe in trying to help people help themselves as well as what we as a government agency to assist people in the County," said wood. ""I am listening their".

Knight, Trussville, private practice lawyer said he heard who want a representative willing to work with other members of the Board of Directors to advance County residents.

"My message is that we're going to try to work together and get this County ditch," says Knight. "We are going to move forward and have no quarrels intestines.Droit now we do are not moving forward .Rien seems to have gotten done during a certain temps.Nous must take care of our problems, one by one and start working on their.?

The major problem facing the incoming commission has a solution to the crisis debt 3.2 billion sewer.

"" People want to say ' why do you go on and bankruptcy ", but see that throw the bankruptcy system does not mean that you do not have to pay money," says Knight. "Still needed work plan refund YH ' I always said, try so that it works outside the faillite.Faillite will not any où.Il is still there, it is still an option but it is on the edge of the table.?

Wood, stated that sewer Department is in the hands of a receiver, and "there is not much that I think that the commission may otherwise be feedback and I hope have the ear of the receiver to help understand the impact of what will happen the county if it raises sewer rates", said wood.

"We already pay higher in the pays.Je détesterais see these rates continue to climb because that will impact all development economic here in the County", he said. "Also, if it continues to mount, unfortunately, I see an exodus of people from Jefferson County.?

Wood said believes that the County must prepare for the possible loss of tax professionnelle.Une State law allows residents to repeal tax working a vote of 2012.

"We are going to have some difficult financial decisions, and these decisions unfortunately will involve a large number of people, their lives, their incomes, because obviously with continuing tax it will have to be some reductions as regards the budget" wood says. ""And how we can do that with minimal impact on County services, which will be a difficult problem to traiter.?a go wrong, and is the best thing I can say to people,"Yes it's going badly, but I hope that I can reduce the pain"."

Knight said that County is preparing the potential loss of tax work "someday."

"When you walk in the door, he said:"we must consider every department, every budget....".

Wood said that a priority for the commission would maintain and assist small businesses.

To join the conversation by clicking comment or by email at Wright to the


As Alabama closes the polling day, follow the news on campaigns, online home of The Birmingham News:

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Article five filters features: After Hiroshima - non-rapport Cancer Catastrophe of Fallujah.

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Metro Birmingham forecast: rain and storms headed our way

Published: Tuesday, October 26, 2010, 6 H 25 updated: Tuesday, October 26, 2010, 6: 28
75 Degrees in Birmingham, at 6 o'clock in the morning and central Alabama is back in weather Bull eyes, according the National Weather Service.

Forecast helps the region under a cloudy sky today with a high near 86 degrees and a chance of rain in 1 hour.In the afternoon, storms could begin, particularly along the corridor Highway 20 across the State.Winds could approach to 45 mph.The greatest chance of rain and storms, including tornadoes after 7: 00 pm and continue on Wednesday.

The sky is expected to begin clearing Wednesday with some possible sunshine at the end of the day, temperatures will drop from a peak of 80 degrees at a low night around 50 degrees.

The rest of the week will be cooling to daytime highs at the bottom of the 1970s and overnight lows in the 40s.

See Weather Centre for your full prediction.

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Article five filters features: After Hiroshima - non-rapport Cancer Catastrophe of Fallujah.

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Shelby County School Board requested a commission special election on the extension of the tax

Published: Monday, October 25, 2010, 9 H 25 updated: Monday, October 25, 2010, 9: 26

Shelby County Commission was invited to call a special election on the extension of a tax 30 schools mill that has defined item to expire in 2017.

County School Board asked that an election is set for 8 February 2011.

Tonight, Shelby County School Superintendent Randy Fuller has applied an election to the Board on behalf of the Commission scolaire.

"We not asking for an increase in taxes," said Fuller, who recommended that the application of the school board election.

30 Plants means that a person who possesses a $100,000 House pays $300 in annual property taxes that go to the school system, which does not change, he said.

If the commission agreed set an election, County School Board would ask voters to expand 30 plants in school property taxes year 2041.

Commission comtée vote at the request of the school system to an election in its meeting of 8 November.

Fuller told Commissioners "" this decision is one of the most important in the history of our school system.""

"Without renewal, we cannot build any new schools or to make additions or renovation plans to our existing schools," he said in a prepared statement."By organizing a special election, we will ask the Shelby County residents make an investment of 30 years so that we can maintain the high level of education that we all came to expect lekeage include our ability to finance essential capital improvement projects in some of our higher growth areas."

Bond companies will not that the school system to any new links with school taxes expire in six years, says Fuller.

He said Commissioners school system increased by 8,000 students in the last décennie.Le system is expected to add a further 3,000 students over the next six years, he said.

Calera, Chelsea, Helena and alabaster are areas of growth in the county where the system looks to build new schools or add additional classroom tax should be extended, Fuller said.

The system would also make "improvements and upgrades" in schools in other areas in the County, he said.

Fuller said money generated by the tax is used to pay for music, art teachers and other courses as well as the conseillers.Il serves also to pay for other things such as utilities and repay the obligations taken by the system during the years, he has dit.La tax of 30-factory generates 75 million per year for the school system, which is 28% of the budget of the school system.

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Article five filters features: After Hiroshima - non-rapport Cancer Catastrophe of Fallujah.

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Birmingham City Council to discuss debt for projects

Published: Tuesday, October 26, 2010, 5: 30 P.m.

The city of Birmingham is set to perform more than 106 million in bond transactions, including $ 39.1 million in new debt for capital projects and intend to use a new competitive bidding process.

City Council members were briefed on the details of transactions and that the bond money will pay Monday meeting budget and the finances.La Commission first read transaction is supposed to take place today the meeting of the municipal Council.

39.1 Million dollars in new debt, supported by the Federal Government under the stimulus Act will be used to fund various projects, including parks, recreational facilities and improvements to streets.

The city will also refinance existing debt $ 67.5 million.Finance Director Tom Barnett says that the city could save approximately 3.5 million dollars doing.

The city should pay a maximum of $632,000 in charge for two transactions.2 millions of dollars could be saved if the city use competitive bidding to select agents, handling operations, Barnett said.

The total amount of binding is higher than total 89 million already provided by Mayor William Bell.Au August Town Hall told the city to refinance existing debt $ 50 million, but that figure increased to 67.5 million to the point where the information was submitted to a Committee on Monday.

Barnett said that the tender two advantages.

"We think given that arrived in the County of links, it will contribute to our image and that gave us a better rate," said.

Is the first time employees can recall process involving does not a team named outside bankers who are paid a commission for the transaction.Régime Barnett, the city would only hire firms Balch & Bingham and Yvonne Green-Davis to assist in the process.In this process, the binding transactions are extinguished bid on the open market, rather than on the city by selecting a team selling.

Councillor Steven Hoyt Monday is opposed to the new process proposed by Barnett, because he said limited minority small business.Normally the city selects the liaison team insists to be the representation of minorities, but without this process, there's no guarantee of diversity, Hoyt said.

"I want to full participation in all aspects, we can have," he said. "There is little to no minority in this process participation because the minority businesses have not the ability to issue dollars.La billion is inclusion as much as possible about the purchase and sale.?

Hoyt said that the issue is not a document or patronage, but enabling minority businesses to increase their capacity large transactions.Qui can only be done by partnerships with major companies, says Hoyt.

"I'm someone write a check," said Hoyt. ""I look for people to be able to participate from the start to finish."

Finance Committee has returned the matter to a Committee full meeting to be held on Wednesday.

Councilwoman Carole Smitherman, who wasn't at the meeting on Monday, was the first to oppose .Smitherman tender said his objection arose because the traditional process of bankers to choose those who sell links means understand local needs and capabilities of bargaining and investigation to ensure that those who eventually purchased bonds provided the best deal for the city.

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Article five filters features: After Hiroshima - non-rapport Cancer Catastrophe of Fallujah.

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Jefferson 2010 campaign County Sheriff: Hale, Hill opposite mindset

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Published: Tuesday, October 26, 2010, 6:30 AM
?The race for Jefferson County sheriff comes down to one thing: Sheriff Mike Hale's record.

? Hale is running on it.

? Challenger Willie Hill is running against it.

? Hill, a 35-year veteran of the sheriff's office who retired at the rank of captain, has said repeatedly he is running for sheriff for one reason: to put protecting the public ahead of the greed and politics that he said has plagued the sheriff's office during Hale's tenure.

? The administration, he said, has wasted taxpayer money and used deputies as pawns in political turf battles with other elected officials.

? "I have commanded just about every division of the sheriff's office," said Hill, who at age 60 is seeking his first political office. "I know where the money is spent and where it should be spent. I know where the money is being wasted."

? Hale, 58, couldn't disagree more.

? "The thing that may define me is that with a $17 million budget reduction over two years, I've been able to keep 100 percent strong the law enforcement arm of the sheriff's office," Hale said. "I have never exceeded my budget. When someone accuses me of mismanagement, it's just not true."

? For the most part, the race between the two veteran lawmen has been low-key.

? "It's really kind of good that way because it's just business as usual around the sheriff's office," said Hale, sheriff since 2002. "The deputies have a clear vision to continue the crime fighting."

? Financially, Hale has dominated: In September, he had more than $210,000 left in his campaign account, compared with just $178.51 for Hill.

? "I know he's got more money than I've got," Hill said, "but I've got a lot more issues."

? Hill served as commander of the patrol and jail divisions during his time on the force. While he loved the law enforcement aspect of the job, he said, "you've got to have proper administration for the law enforcement end of it to be effective. To me, we're not effective right now."

? Hill's criticisms of the current administration include the previous outsourcing of inmate health care, a lack of deputy training, what he says are excessive fees paid out to attorneys for the sheriff's office and the closing of the county jail in Bessemer amid the county's financial woes.
? "The truth is he moved 200 inmates to Birmingham and instantly caused an overcrowding condition," Hill said. "He could alleviate that right now."

? Hill said the sheriff's office needs to do a better job of training deputies. The number of weeks deputies spend under training officers on the streets has been decreased, he said. Emphasis on deputies getting either two-year or four-year degrees has also declined.

? "You got better-trained deputies, you got less lawsuits, less injuries and the public feels more secure," he said.

? If elected, Hill said he would pare down the number of sheriff's captains from 11 to six. "It's a waste of manpower," Hill said.

? During the final stretch of the campaign, Hill has stepped up attacks on Hale. In September, Hill claimed Hale offered him a lucrative job to not run against him. He said the sheriff in January asked him to become director of the Sheriff's Training Academy at a salary of $90,000 a year. He said he came forward to "show the taxpayers how (Hale) is willing to waste their money."

? Hale said he offered Hill the job because he thought he was qualified to head up the training academy, not because he didn't want him to run for sheriff. The sheriff called Hill's charges "lowdown politics."

? Hill said he is the best man for the sheriff's job because he is fair, honest and respected by the deputies.

? "Fair treatment, that's all they really want," Hill said. "I'm saying morale is in the toilet."

? Hale said he has never seen morale higher.

? "They have done extraordinary work under difficult circumstances, and I could not be prouder of them," Hale said. "They take great pride in what they do, they want to be the best and the proof is in the product they put out, the service they deliver."

? Assaults in 2010 have dropped to 1,152 compared with 3,608 in 2009. There have been eight homicides this year, compared with 10 last year. The number of slayings has dropped steadily since 2005.

? "How in the world could they do that with low morale?" Hale said. "The answer is they couldn't, and shame on my opponent for speaking of them in that manner. I'll guarantee you this: When they hear he has said that, they won't forget it and they will be as offended by it as I am."

? Under his tenure, Hale has created a number of crime-fighting units that he said have made a huge impact on crime rates.

? In addition to a Street Crimes Unit that hits crime hot spots, Hale created the Highway Safety Unit that has intercepted $40 million worth of drugs since 2005. Despite budget woes, he said he has been able to keep strong the Convicted Sex Offender Unit. "We are so glad we did, because of the 620 sex offenders in Jefferson County, 600 have been charged with felonies this year, so I know that is a threat we have beat back."

? Hale defends his decision to pay $4 million to a Mississippi company to provide medical care at the jail. "I know it seems like a lot, but as it now goes out to bid, I know the bids are going to come in higher," he said. "We had to dismiss the county hospital because of eight deaths and eight lawsuits. This group came in and we've had one death and no lawsuits. It was a good strategic move that protected county taxpayer dollars."

? Hale said the consolidation of the two jails was a tough decision but one made to save more than $5 million in a budget year to allow the sheriff's office room to continue crime-fighting efforts. The jail was never closed, but the functions redefined to include inmate intake and a holding place for inmates going to court in Bessemer.

? "It's not the best situation," he said, "but it was the best situation in the face of a $17 million budget cut."

? "We've had a vision for the future, dealt with tough economic times and reduced our dependence on overtime," Hale said. "I have a heart for all people, but if people are going to suffer, my choice is for them (inmates) to sleep together in a cell rather than taking back one crime-fighting initiative. I'm not going to do it."

? Hale said the biggest challenge in the coming years will be the further reduction of revenue with the possible loss of the county's occupational tax.

? "The vision for the future is to be able to deliver a safe Jefferson County with dwindling budget funds," he said, "and I have a record for doing just that."

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The duties: The sheriff is Jefferson County's chief law enforcement officer. He directs the sheriff's department's Birmingham and Bessemer divisions.
The pay: $115,000.

Willie Hill

Date of birth, age: March 1950; 60?
Residence: Morris
Political experience: First bid for political office
Professional experience: Retired as captain from Jefferson County sheriff's office after 35 years; U.S. Marine, 1969-72?
Education: Bachelor's degree in criminal justice, Columbia Southern University

Mike Hale

Date of birth, age: June 1951; 59?
Residence: Clay-Trussville
Political experience: Jefferson County sheriff, 2002-present, 1998-99?
Professional experience: Pell City police chief, 2000-02; Jefferson County Sheriff's Office, 1976-98, during which he commanded every division in the department; Homewood Police Department, 1973-76?
Education: Bachelor's degree in criminal justice, University of Alabama at Birmingham; attended Jacksonville State University; FBI National Academy

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