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Rights and Birmingham resident civilians infantryman Tommy Wrenn dies

Published: Thursday, October 21 2010, 11 H 15
Tommy Wrenn, an infantryman in the 1960s civil rights movement died mercredi.Il was 78.

He had suffered a heart after a speech he gave in southeastern Bible College on October 12, says Shirley Gavin Floyd, Director commercial Board of activist civil rights which Wrenn founded there is ten years.

Wrenn Sumter County was born and grew up in Birmingham. He was a veteran of the army, said Floyd.

Wrenn active in the civil rights movement both Birmingham and Selma, worked as a field for Southern Christian Leadership Conference of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. Member.

Wrenn go in the cities and put in place of routes for the marchers protest before King would happen, Floyd said. " "He has done fieldwork," she says.

He was among those who attended to King's "I have a dream" speech in Washington, D.C., 1963. "It was a sentiment.Tout throughout the movement, we were happy - any what abuse was writer has attracted to you, "Wrenn recalled in 1993 to 30 years in this speech anniversary."

Dental technician retired Wrenn remains active in the work of civil rights and political, until his death.

Mayor of Birmingham, William Bell stated that he was 12 years old when he first met Wrenn.Sa grandmother took him to a gathering of civil rights."As an elected official he was always there to encourage me, but he was always there to remind me that I had the obligation to serve all people regardless of their station in life, and as a result of this education Tommy I am always grateful."

Bell stated Wrenn spoke of those who did not have power and influence.

"He will be sorely missed in the community because he always stand for the person just who did not have a voice forte.Tommy was this voice, said Bell."

Wrenn vain has several political offices over the years, saying he had dedicated his life to serve the community through community-based activities."I've never been a leader in nothing."I am a worker for the people, "Wrenn, told a reporter in 1994, when he was running for a representative seat of the State."

Wrenn has been a member of the New Salem, the NAACP, the Southern Baptist Church Christian Leadership Conference and the Jefferson County Citizens Coalition.Il about 10 years ago Wrenn has founded the Committee of civil rights activist.

The Committee declares on his desk on Fourth Avenue North home foot soldiers was formed by Wrenn to known civil rights lesser infantry took place to come and tell their stories so that they would not be perdus.Chaque year Committee publishes many of these stories inform .Wrenn infantry soldier was also responsible for putting an annual meeting for the troops on foot.

"He (Wrenn) was a loyal and dedicated infantryman in the movement for civil rights," said Floyd, functions on the Commission also included the infantrymen interview.

On a daily basis, said Floyd, Wrenn say it: "' What happened to Birmingham only happened three times in history écrite.Moses a.Gandhi have fait.Et Martin Luther King has done here at changed Birmingham.Ils policies of the most powerful country on Earth and never shot anyone." "

Wrenn services have not yet been defined.

New staff writer Joseph Bryant has contributed to this story.

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