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Jefferson County Commission supports the Alabama Amendment 3 finance roads, transportation projects

Published: Wednesday, October 27, 2010, 7 H 25
The Jefferson County Commission Tuesday voted unanimously to sup-port Amendment 3 which would take as much as 100 million per year for 10 years the Fund trust in Alabama to build roads and other transportation projects throughout the State.

But after the meeting, Commissioner Bobby Hum-phryes said that he meant to vote against the amendment support because he didn't think it was a good idea.

Residents across the State will vote Tuesday on the amend-ment.

The Chairman of Committee Bettye Fine Collins and Sheila Smoot and Jim Carns Commissioners say they have supported amend-ment .the Commissioner George Bowman was not present.

"If you travel the roads in this county and state that you know that the infras-tructure of collapse and must be addressed," said Col-lins. "I hope our people will be support this amendment.?

Smoot, who was discharging for the 2002-2006 County roads Department said it is "ridiculous" no steps to support the amendment.

"We must repair desper-ately," said Smoot. "We need this change, we need this work and we need people to obtain the service.

Wayne Sullivan, Director of roads and transportation for the County, said County that amendment would give unused funds in the county who would not come out of the General Fund $ 2 million.

"There is no other fund-ing that we get to make these projects," says Sullivan."Statewide, this money will be not only replace bridges but build and upgrade roads."

The assets of the Fund total Alabama 2.5 bil-lion $.It collects a large part of the pumping of gas from foreign corporations State paid royalties.

Humphryes, which currently has the responsibility of the Department of roads, said he spent eight years in the Legislative Assembly and was always against taking money from the Trust Fund.

"If we take money from oil and gas money then it reduces interest and it creates problems for the General Fund," said Humphryes.

Humphryes said that it was not paying attention when it adopted the amendment to the Tuesday meeting.

"I was for it before that I was against it, but I never for it," said Humphryes, who developed the resolution at its agenda of the Committee on roads last week. "I think it was a good idea .c ' is something came from the Association of boards of comté.Ils requested County commissions to sup-port which and I was ready to put on the agenda of the day to tell a vote.Je don't like it.?

"I only thought", said Humphryes. "It was an error in my part.Be-ing simply inattentif.Je should have voted against it.?

Serv.Bob Riley and David Bronner, Executive Director of the retirement Systems of Alabama, said last week that they oppose Amendment 3.

In another case Tues-day, the Committee voted that would have allowed to eliminate a ceiling of $50,000 to mental issues for employees and more than likely increased. caused premiums health insurance coverage to deny a federal mandate,

"The current plan won't change," says Demetrius Taylor, Director of the Department of human resources permanent coun-t. "The plan will remain the same as it it has been for 16 years and is the same as those presented at open registration.?

Collins, Carns Hum-phryes voted for the resolu-tion arose under the new company at the beginning of the réunion.Smoot, who said the commission has not received enough automati-ques on this subject, had not voted.

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