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Birmingham City Council approves financing for the baseball stadium, raises the accommodation fee

Published: Wednesday, October 27, 2010, 7 H 50

The municipal Council of Birmingham Tuesday overwhelmingly approved funding for a downtown baseball stadium moving Mayor William Bell said sets the Foundation for the arena and a new neighborhood, it will be an anchor.

The Council voted 8-1 for an order that triggers a housing of the city of 3.5 percentage points to finance the planned railway Park fee. Roderick Royal Council Chair vote alone against the plan.

Bell is to negotiate with the owners of the Birmingham barons Hoover back to Birmingham. Barons regions Park lease expires in December.

"It gives the city a sense of momentum," Bell says of the project."We have not acted like a large city we are, and it is more than time that we act as a large city." He took the step by step and we now has a very important step, but not the last step. ?

Stan Logan, Associate Director General, barons said Tuesday afternoon that he would set up a follow-up meeting with Bell.

"We've already discussed our interest but wanted to go too far, until funding makes it possible," says Logan. "" ""Now is the time to say, ' is this really work for you, guys? It works for us?"This is a process that we will work on in the coming weeks.?

Increasing taxes, go into effect on January 15, 6.5% of Birmingham accommodation fee and increase tax total accommodation in the town of 17.5%, including State, city and County taxes.

Stage is only built if barons or other suitable tenants agree agreement .the ' facility should take two years to complete, if no agreement is reached on 30 September 2011, the tax increase will be repealed by January 2012, in accordance with the order.

Councillor Steven Hoyt called part of "the new flavor in Birmingham" stage which increases tax the city base to support the services of the city and added amenities. ""Congratulations to the new flavour", he said.

The other members of the Board have expressed similar sentiments.

"I'm looking at Birmingham to become a place of destination rather than to be a location on the map on the way,", said Ms. Lashunda balance.

In voting, Royal said that Bell had not provided sufficient information to apply for the tax increase.Royal said more details on the economic impact and final project costs are incompl├Ętes.Il recently described Bell answers to a list of questions that Royal presented as "gobbledygook."

"We must look at development autour it and if the numbers work," Royal said Tuesday."I'm taste, but I am also the responsibility and accountability."We must vote my conscience, and we did not carefully verify the project, explains my conscience.

A companion baseball Museum highlighting the Negro League Rickwood field players and possibly those of the League of the South is included in the draft stage.

Before the vote, David Silverstein, an entity with the properties of Bayer, spoke in favour of projet.Silverstein, which the company developed at the Summit on 280 u.s. and plans to redevelop downtown Pizitz Building, said that stage adds activity positive.Il downtown has cited the Parc de chemin de Fer et Pizitz project his company examples.

"Park baseball side rail Park not only reinforce this region, but how big an anchor on the side of the UAB" said Silverstein. "I know that these times are difficult, but we are very lucky in the city of Birmingham.?

Royal pointed out later comments Silverstein, saying that while the business community had submitted the draft plans so far involve city foot the entire Bill and take all the risques.Royal said it is misleading to say that only foreigners would pay for project through taxes accommodation, because the total cost of the project, including any incentive is unknown, and total debt remains the responsibility of the city.

A report commissioned by the real estate company, a potential developer stage, shows the installation in a section bounded by 14th Street South and 12th Street South, second avenue South and avenue de Morris.Le site is directly at 14th Street Railway Park.

According to recent estimates, stage would cost $ 39 million to 48 million dollars.Bell stated cost of the land is estimated at 7 million to 10 million dollars.Responsables city, said Monday that the value of the desired Park location is 4 million.

While the city wants to build the Stadium on the site of two blocks of the Park, Bell confirmed that there are other locations, including the former property of Trinity Steel Titusville.

Bell "has the same point of view of downtown, you should in any location over the other side of the highway, and it does not have access under the highway to make this connection between the Park railway and the Trinity site itself," said. ""It is important that we have many properties, because we do not want to identify a location and a place only in terms of property acquisition".

The former Trinity site belongs to the city and Jefferson County economic development authority.

Bell also briefly mentioned master of the city for the district of Parkside, a region which extends South Titusville area redevelopment plan.

Mayor said the city would recruit developers or encourage owners to join a plan that includes multi-purpose residential, retail space and restaurant.Version Parkside city is greater than that described in the private report prepared.

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