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Birmingham buzzing with Magic City classic, weekend race Talladega, Alabama (with video)

Published: Saturday, October 30, 2010, 5 H 50

Earlier this week, Philip Howard Picayune, Miss, packed up his house - garage and two dogs included - and led for six hours in advance of Sunday at Talladega Superspeedway race.

Attelé Howard his fifth wheel of his pick-up truck, trailer moved to pets and joined thousands of other race fans and calibration, make hiking patterned soaked rainfall around the historic superspeedway.

Further to the West - approximately 47 miles on Highway 20 - another group of tailgating gathered for a case annual fall.

Everett-Farley-Williams of Birmingham family moved alongside their camping in folding chairs outside the domain of the Legion in advance of State Farm Magic City classic today '-the 69th annual clash between Alabama A & M and State of Alabama universités.Certains family spend the night on grounds outside the grand stage.

Two major sporting events, festive two equals a huge celebration for thousands of visitors and residents who forward annually for Talladega races and conventional city magic.

Both sites feature enough food and beverage to last until roll around this time next year's events.

"Thrown back."

"This is something I've ever seen," said Roderick Everett, outside of Legion field with her three sisters and a brother."All those gathered and having a good moment.Il has no crime.Tout worldwide is get along."



Everett, born and raised in Birmingham and lives in Newport News, va, said that there is such a huge part however remember the classic being when he was child. today, it has become an annual gathering for the family on a par with the great holiday.

Kitchen Friday included gumbo, fish, chicken, rib-"everything you want, we have it," Everett said. " It y nothing Birmingham home.?

Talladega, Howard said he went in parts of tailgate in Alabama as if he was willing to stay.

"This is our home", Howard said Friday, pointing to his huge, white, camper as noise from the car engines echoed in the fresh air in October.

"We have when we just ici.Nous have shower, kitchen, bedrooms, garage, it is a toy carrier so that he received a garage in the back."

Terri Murphy, who made the trip with Howard, said: "there is nothing like rubber and fuel air .we enjoy the camaraderie.Nous friends and we did camp with them each année.Nous are always a hot wing FRY and friends make a fish fry."

Howard and Murphy also have dog cabin easy and new dog Jack, who were at their door two months ago was immediately adopted.

Stanley Graves of Wiggins, Miss, said he welcomed will view the atmosphere "spans back" at Talladega.Certes, there is much tension in the competition on the track, but for those who have just to look at, it's a different story.

"You can sit here drinking a beer when the Act is conduct by" and not be bothered, said that the Sun in the morning to burn the cold night air, bass said he provided graves.alors "out and shake around, in addition to two or three cases of beer and lay back."

Return to the scope of the Legion, Terry Williams of Birmingham, offered a visitor a drink.

"This is a very relaxing atmosphere," he said, reclining while parents more meat on the grill. "As a large meeting of famille.Tout world having a good time, all over the world enjoying themselves, see old amis.Vous see the people you've not seen in years.?

The intensity of a & M-State rivalry, Williams said, is not a good time.

"Your opponent is your rival, but everyone is still friends at the end of the day," he said.

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Fans and teams to prepare for the magical city classic

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