Friday, October 29, 2010

Republican Robert Bentley exceeds Democrat Ron Sparks of the Governor of Alabama race campaign contributions

Published: Friday, October 29, 2010, 6: 30 P.m.

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Robert Bentley continues to exceed opponent Ron Sparks in the race for dollars campaign Republican democratic.

Thursday was the date limit for candidates in the general election of November 2 at how much money they have collected and spent the last days of campaign 2010.To surprise person, the Bentley has raised more than Sparks.

Disclosure reports show that raised $ 1.2 million Bentley this period, which covers approximately five weeks and spent just over 2.6 million dollars.Bentley overdraw his compte.Il raised more than 3.3 million in the last reporting period.

It is nearly 6 million raised by Bentley, since he won the bid for the GOP Governor on July 13, amounting to three times higher than all the money he had raised or loaned her own campaign leading to flow from mid-July.

Report Bentley shows that it was just more than $right left position in the last five days of the campaign.

Last report Sparks was also quite as expected - lean compared to Bentley.

In the last period, Sparks raised $682,429 and spent almost $772,000.Filed reports mid-September, stated received $783,000 contributions.

Sparks was just over $ 146,000 position in the homestretch of campaign.

For the year, Sparks has raised just over 2.8 million in his quest for the Office of the Governor.Sparks, running on a platform of taxes by the legalization and taxation the games of chance, received money from political action committees who received money from other CAP linked to the set of interests.

Sparks has received nearly $ 300,000 of the CAP, managed by the lobbyist, Alison Kinney and Cap operated by the Alabama Education Association lobbyist Joe Cottle.

The Kinney PAC gave Sparks $165,000.Cap of Kinney received money from the CAP who received funds Poarch of Indian Creek music and other sources.

Cap of Cottle gave Sparks $160,000 .Son Cape received money from the AEA, trial lawyers and other sources.

Sparks other notable contributions include former u.s. Senator Donald Stewart $60,000 and $10,000 of the AEA.

Among the contributors to Bentley are the commercial deep pocket, including banks, savings and loans, construction companies, real estate and development, houses of nursing and medical care industry interests.

Two more great Bentley, one for $114,500 and another $ 100,000, from committees action politique.Le $114,500 contributions came from Community Bankers Association of Alabama Cap while $100,000 contribution came from political action Committee of Alabama Senator Richard Shelby, CCP.défenseAlabama Realtors PAC America gave Bentley $50,000.

Other notable contributions Bentley include $25,000 of Birmingham, businessman Raymond j. Palmer; $25,000 and marketers dishes PAC Alabama; $10,000 from the Republic American Spencer Bachus Birmingham; $35,000 of the American Society of Anesthesiologists $10,000 cap Alabama Hospital Association.

In all, Bentley received 105 contributions of $1,000, four $25 000 and 20 contributions of $10 000 chacun.En everything about 60 CAP has contributed money to Bentley.

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