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Continue to initiate Alabama Governor candidate Robert Bentley outside rejected ballots

Published: Saturday, October 30, 2010, 6 H 15 update: Saturday, 30 October 2010; 8 H 29

Legal action aims at projecting Republican Robert Bentley offshore general election vote next week was itself threw Friday by a judge in Jefferson County.

Circuit judge Nicole "Nikki" still ruled that right Alabama does not jurisdiction to remove Bentley the ballot or the competence to stop the election of the next Tuesday for Bentley replacement is found.

The trial was seized by the former member of the municipal Council of Birmingham Dr. Jimmy Blake.

Blake had argued that Bentley had violated knowingly Fair campaign Practices Act State failing to disclose financial reports filed July 8 that Alabama Education Association contributed approximately $ 22,000 for his campaign picking up the cost of a series of messages telephone placed automatiques.Bentley messages to a potential voters of days before demi-millions July 13 GOP election runoff between himself and Bradley Byrne.

Counsel Blake, William Mathis, said always of a hearing Friday that the aim of the Fair campaign practices Act is to allow voters to know before they vote that contributed to the candidates on the ballot vote.Il failed to disclose to the AEA denied voters right Bentley said.Mathis always said that the decision that it would make would decide if the Act had a real effect or force.

Counsel representing Bentley and State essentially always said the same thing, namely that it had jurisdiction to make the election pending or delete of Bentley's turn.

"The Court has no jurisdiction to hear this matter," former Supreme Court Alabama Jean Brown says toujours.Brown Alabama Secretary of State Beth Chapman was represented at the hearing on Friday.

A lawyer for Governor Bob Riley, Matt Lembke, combination of Blake said "attempt to disrupt the electoral process .c ' is that it is".

Montgomery advocate Al Agricola, which represented Bentley hearing, always said that calls Bentley is come after 8 July date for applicants to disclose contributions for the previous deposit and Bentley period broke no laws.

At point Friday, Agricola called part of the pursuit of a "witch hunt" by forces to stop election of Bentley.

What appears to be an important moment in the hearing has when there are always asked to quote it, what right gave jurisdiction to grant the temporary injunction stopping the election and withdraw the ballot Bentley Mathis.

Mathis replied that he had not found any law giving the Court the authority.

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