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Joe Knight, Roy Wood Jr., shaking hands, hunting votes for Jefferson County Commission District 4

Published: Wednesday, October 27 2010 7 H.

Jefferson County Commission District 4 maybe mostly Republican but say that Joe Knight, the GOP candidate has a Democratic opponent in the general election Tuesday.

"I'm working as I am behind every day," Knight said. "This is how I am." This is how I did it the primary level. I worked as I was in last place. This is what I'm doing now.I have been on this campaign to the routes.Je go to meetings of the Chambre.Je I am going to city councils.?

Knight and Democrat Roy Wood Jr. are voting to represent district 4, which covers Trussville, ceramics, Pinson, Palmerdale, Trafford, Warrior, Morris, Kimberly and Gardendale pieces Point Centre newsletter and a fraction of Birmingham.

Knight, which transforms the 56 today is a former Certified nurse anaesthetists, who served as vice President of Jefferson County Republican Executive Committee.


Roy Wood Jr.

Date of birth, age:

Born on June 14, 1949.61.


Lives in Roe-buck Springs; born at Chi-cago.

Political experience:

Run for the public service.

Professional experience:

Journalist; marketing manager and pub-lic relations.


Southern Illinois University, massive communica-tions.



Joe Knight

Date of birth, age:

October 27, 1954;age 56


Lives in Truss-ville.né à Miami.

Policy ex-perience:

Ran unsuccessfully for circuit judge in 2000 and State Senate in 1998.

Professional experience:

Other counsel.certified nurse anesthetist.


Faculty of law in Birmingham, diploma in law, 1990;University of Alabama at Birmingham, Bachelor s degree de-gree, 1980;Mississippi Gulf Coast Junior College degree to associ-ate, 1975.


Wood, journalist and former marketing and public relations manager, said he worked as hard.

"I'm knock on doors, shaking hands and talking to people, allowing them to meet me, see me talking about me," said wood. "I am discovering their préoccupations.Une times that we are talking face to face a number of them are located in spite of the label party that we do not only differ in terms of what we are looking for.

"I'm a Democrat, but I'm conservative in some mesure.Je believe in trying to help people help themselves as well as what we as a government agency to assist people in the County," said wood. ""I am listening their".

Knight, Trussville, private practice lawyer said he heard who want a representative willing to work with other members of the Board of Directors to advance County residents.

"My message is that we're going to try to work together and get this County ditch," says Knight. "We are going to move forward and have no quarrels intestines.Droit now we do are not moving forward .Rien seems to have gotten done during a certain temps.Nous must take care of our problems, one by one and start working on their.?

The major problem facing the incoming commission has a solution to the crisis debt 3.2 billion sewer.

"" People want to say ' why do you go on and bankruptcy ", but see that throw the bankruptcy system does not mean that you do not have to pay money," says Knight. "Still needed work plan refund YH ' I always said, try so that it works outside the faillite.Faillite will not any où.Il is still there, it is still an option but it is on the edge of the table.?

Wood, stated that sewer Department is in the hands of a receiver, and "there is not much that I think that the commission may otherwise be feedback and I hope have the ear of the receiver to help understand the impact of what will happen the county if it raises sewer rates", said wood.

"We already pay higher in the pays.Je détesterais see these rates continue to climb because that will impact all development economic here in the County", he said. "Also, if it continues to mount, unfortunately, I see an exodus of people from Jefferson County.?

Wood said believes that the County must prepare for the possible loss of tax professionnelle.Une State law allows residents to repeal tax working a vote of 2012.

"We are going to have some difficult financial decisions, and these decisions unfortunately will involve a large number of people, their lives, their incomes, because obviously with continuing tax it will have to be some reductions as regards the budget" wood says. ""And how we can do that with minimal impact on County services, which will be a difficult problem to traiter.?a go wrong, and is the best thing I can say to people,"Yes it's going badly, but I hope that I can reduce the pain"."

Knight said that County is preparing the potential loss of tax work "someday."

"When you walk in the door, he said:"we must consider every department, every budget....".

Wood said that a priority for the commission would maintain and assist small businesses.

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