Sunday, October 24, 2010

Four proposed constitutional amendments would be about the size of the State, including one for start bulletins $ 1 billion transportation program

Published: Sunday, October 24 2010 5 H.

MONTGOMERY - Four amendments to the Constitution of Alabama will be on the size of state ballots on 2 November, one that could start a $ 1 billion transportation program.

If voters approve this plan, which is the size of Amendment 3, the constitution State would be rewritten to require the legislature to take of the Trust Fund in Alabama a maximum of 1 billion-100 million per year for 10 years, roads, bridges and other transportation projects.

The amendment also transferred more than 10 years a maximum of 55 million Fund trust to fund capital improvement for cities and counties.

If voters reject Amendment 3, money for transportation and fund capital improvement of city and County would remain in the Trust Fund.Earnings from a Trust Fund supports the State General Fund, which helps pay for the courts, prisons and other non-éducation services.

Taking 1.055 billion trust fund will reduce earnings for the General Fund of 33.2 million per year, considers that the legislative Fiscal Office.

The total fund assets now approximately 2.5 billion dollars.Il collects a large part of the pumping of gas from foreign corporations State paid royalties.Share of the Trust Fund for royalties totaled 55.3 million for fiscal year 2009 and 255.6 million year précédente.Si Amendment 3 passes, no part of any withdrawal annual could not be made if it would grow assets of the trust fund special below $ 2 billion.

Size of the State on all ballots other changes are:

> > > Amendment 1:If approved, it may prevent public schools in some counties for having a lower percentage of their local product of the tax withheld in support of the county tax assessor and collector of the tax offices.

Paul Hubbert, Executive Secretary of the teachers of the Alabama Education Association, lobby supports the modification.Il said he doubted it would include lots of money, said tax county offices need money to operate.

> > > Amendment 2:More local Alabama property taxes are renewed or repealed by the voice of the majorité.Mais a maximum of 1 mill education in each County property taxes resulted in the Constitution requires at least a vote by a majority of three-fifths of renouvellement.amendement 2, if approved, would the renewal requirement by simple majority.

> > > Amendment 4:If it is approved statewide and Blount County, it will block any town or city located entirely outside the County to impose a tax or regulation that applies to that extend into Blount County police courts.

R - Gardendale, Scott Beason, State Senator proposes changes after the municipal Council of warrior a 1.5% for jurisdiction of the police, which extends in Blount County sales tax.

Voters in 25 counties also will have one or more amendments on their ballot paper shall be decided by people in their County only.

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