Saturday, October 23, 2010

Michael Jackson Thriller: The Number One selling album of all time

Michael Jackson thriller was the best album of all time of the sale and the sixth album released by Michael Jackson. Epic records published album in November 1982. Thriller followed another famous album released in nineteen seventy nine wall offshore.

Around off the coast of the wall and the Jackson thriller went through many changes.At this time, Jackson was a lot of problems including familiaux.Y father crossed a case with another woman who was 20 years younger than him having a child with the same woman and then later also telling his family about it.

Thriller Jackson one of the most preeminent in the 20th century and this allowed him to break some people raciale.certaines reasons why he was able to break down barriers detainees racial divide was because of his encounter with Ronald Regan at home blanche.Cet album and the song was one of the first to make famous using v for music

videos to promote songs.

Thriller is much like the wall album because it follows the genera such as funk and disco.To characterize the words of thriller I should say they are like paranoia and the supernatural.

Thriller has also preserved in the library of the National Congress, and they felt that he was "Significant Culture".Jackson another album the wall was a huge success, but not as widely called thriller, although he has received favourable reviews only as a thriller.

In a little over a year, the album "Thriller" became number album sales of all temps.Et so far remains the number an album of all the temps.Les thriller sales were estimated at seventy per cent and 10 million tracks in the States of .this folder United States won a record breaking eight Grammy nineteen 84.

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