Sunday, November 14, 2010

HHR brake rotors - enjoy a better drive

Once you have started your car and it is in motion the ability to control your car is the key to enjoying the drive. You should be easily able to make it go faster or go slower, you should be able to make it turn and you should be able to steer it confidently in a direction of your choice. Most of the above actions require mechanisms that should be of great quality to deliver a great performance but once that is in place the task by itself does not involve great physical stress. Except for that aspect of the control of your car that requires you to slow it down or make it come to a halt.

When you need to slow down your car the task is simple to do, after all you just need to press gently on the brake pedal but what happens behind the scenes is not quite that simple. The car for it to slow down must lose a lot of kinetic energy very quickly.

All this kinetic energy gets converted to heat and this heat must be dissipated. And even then the components of the barking system will get heated a bit and they should be able to perform in those conditions as well.

As you can imagine the braking system components have a tough job to do. And therefore there is on going research to come up with better and better components. One of these components are the brake rotors. The brake pads are pressed against them to generate the frictional force required to slow down or stop your car. And if you own a popular car such as the Chevrolet HHR and it is a few years old then you should check out the latest HHR brake rotors.

Once you have installed the latest HHR brake rotors you can expect a more confident braking performance.

You can go in for the normal drilled brake rotors or the slotted brake rotors used in high performance cars. Slotted brake rotors though wear out the brake pads faster and you should consult your car mechanic before opting for them. You can see the latest HHR brake rotors at


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