Thursday, November 4, 2010

Committing to a Goal

"To make good things happen you have to be persistent and stay focused on doing what you need to do in order to make them happen."


Many people have big goals and dreams but weeks, months and years go by and you wonder why people have never came any closer to their goals becoming realities. This is because some people have huge ambitions but poor executions.

In order to be successful and commit to your goals you need to be ambitious and have good executions as well as work hard AND work smart. People who want something bad enough will make it happen. This is why many famous people and entrepreneurs and businesspeople have made their legacy and got to their success and fortunes.

In the beginning stages of goal setting some people do very well at committing to what they need to do and working with a high sense of urgency.

Then after awhile they begin to forget and they lose their commitment and faith as other activities and temptations pop up into their lives.

An example of this would be about a person who wants to quit going to fast food as a result of a New Year's resolution. Many people have such great goals in their resolutions but after awhile they forget and go back to their old ways as time goes on. The guy who gave up fast food ends up staying committed to his goal by getting salads instead of fast food until March. Then as he gets busier during the spring and summer his work and personal schedule absorbs his life and he forgets about his goal of not getting fast food. Since he is so busy he resorts to getting fast food quickly and it brings him back to his old bad habits of eating too much unhealthy food.

The successful people who meet their goals and dreams never let themselves forget about what they want to accomplish when distractions and temptations arise over a long period of time.

They really wanted to stick to their goals and they made it happen by making them a high priority that will not get put aside by roadblocks along the way.

Remember that successful people have no roadblocks in their life because they are strong enough to drive around them and take whatever path it require to live the legacy or lifestyle that they want.

In your business you should never forget the commitment you gave yourself in the opportunity that you laid out to get to your goals and eventually to the lifestyle that you always dreamed of.

The people who actually do achieve success are the people who never forget what they need to do and the bottom line of what they are hungry for even decades after they achieved it. This is what separates the people who success in business from people who do not succeed.

If you can't keep your commitment and burning desire burning for many years then people will keep wondering why you never got there in the first place. The most successful people actually have more action then dreaming because they already know what they want and they are hungry and urgent in order to practice, learn and do whatever it takes to get it done.

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