Friday, November 12, 2010

The Hybrid Heater: Help the Environment & Save $$$

Ever heard of a liger? It is a cross between a male lion and a female tiger definitely one of the coolest hybrids around. Like most hybrids they have a mix of characteristics. The liger enjoys swimming like the tiger, while emulating the social loving nature of a lion.

Ligers typically grow as large as both parents put together! It is a truly magnificent creature that is baffled scientists and biologists for centuries. But, the Liger’s existence was first documented back in the early 19th century. It is old news. The hype has long been dead!

These days, there is a new hybrid in town: the Hybrid Heater! This heater is as equally mystifying as the Liger because of its ability to reduce heating costs while helping the environment. It is like the Toyota Prius (except that you do not drive it & it warms your house).

The Amazing Hybrid Heating System:

Hybrids use electric heat pumps during the cool weather and furnaces during extremely cold weather.

In any given moment, the heating system establishes which type of technology will provide the most comfort, and cost less to operate! Other benefits of Hybrid Heating compared to the traditional furnace:
  • A Hybrid Heating system has multiple stages of heat to use only the heat needed to warm your home.
  • It wastes less heat, thus reducing your energy bills.
  • It takes free heat from the outside air by using a heat pump at mild temperatures.
  • It creates a more uniform temperature throughout your home by matching your heating capacity with the outside temperature.
  • It uses less fossil fuel, thus putting less stress on the environment.
  • The heat pump works as a high-efficiency air conditioner during warmer months to provide year-round comfort.

In the beginning, a Hybrid Heating system is probably going to cost you more than a traditional furnace because it is a hybrid! Meaning it contains two systems in one.

Hybrid Heater provides year round heating and cooling, and will save you $$$ every month on fuel costs it more than makes up for the upfront cost.

The Hybrid Heater can be installed by a Utah heating contractor. For more information about Utah heating contractor visit us now!

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