Monday, November 8, 2010

Always Be Yourself Is Not A Fairy Tale For You

When I watched the movie Billy Elliot, I was impressed by what Billys mother told him, Always be yourself. It is not an easy thing. But no matter how tough the situation is, he was supported by his family, especially his father, and people in the village so that he can pursue his dream in ballet.

Movie is a movie. The real life has to go as the way it supposes to be. Being yourself is not talking about being stupid, rude to others, or doing things without caring others. It is not difficult, but it costs some time to learn the lessons. The best thing for the youngs is that it is never too late.

Everybodys opinion has the same weight. Every people has such a stage that they care other peoples opinion rather than themselves. Its like you are doing something to please others. No matter what you like or what you want at the beginning, when someone tells you hey, dont you think it is odd? youll doubt that maybe the thing you are doing is wired.

But actually no matter whether he is richer than you or just more popular than you, your opinions matter as much as the way they are.

Everybodys opinion has the same weight.

Make your emotion under control rather than control by your emotion. It is pretty easy to understand. When you are upset, you can give yourself a space to feel it and release it. But if you just keep the emotion, and show chilling words while others searching advice from you, youve been control by your emotion. Worse, you eat a lot of junk food that will make you fat, or buy many things that you dont need and entangle yourself in debt. When you cannot control yourself, anything is possible. And you will feel regret when you realize what you have done.

Try to know yourself better about your reaction to different emotion, and try to control them.

Your parents know whats good for you.

Actually to most parents, they are searching things that THEY THINK best for their children. Maybe you dont think thats the best thing, but they love you, and they try to give you the best.

I hated going to school, I thought I can do something more interesting. But now I thank them for the education they support me to acquire. And Im still keep learning.

Sometimes Im sorry for the words that I said to my parents, but they only tell me that they love me and want me to be happy. So what am I supposed to do? Be happy and be a better person.

You arent stuck in any situation. When Ive let myself down, and I thought my parents would be disappointed about me, I stewed in my own muck. I would just wait for the bad moments to go away and I really thought it the only solution. You have two strong legs. Why youd like to just wait rather than go out and change something? Mom asked. And then I realized that theres always another solution. Wait or move on? That depends on you.

Keep learning. I used to wish to try everything, and see how it was like. But after a period of time, I became wary of trying new things. I dont know. Maybe I just didnt want to change everything. Then skepticism enraptured me, fear grabbed hold of me, and the worst thing is I became gutless.

But you dont have to change everything. Slight changes can make your life different a lot. And as the development in science and technology, it is much easier to grasp information. You can learn lessons from others experience without doing them all by yourself.

I learn many things these years, and from time to time I wish I could go back to my teens to tell what Ive learn. But then I find even though I told her everything, she couldnt understand better than I. Maybe my moms right. You create your own experience, and the experience defines you. Mom said, Be appreciate to everything.

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